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EL 515 Plus Set

Fully automatic rotating laser

Aligned to your needs.

Ready to use and fully equipped for many applications: Either the elevating tripod or the wall mount can be used, depending on the situation. Target plate and laser glasses for improved visibility of the laser beam. Receiver and handy levelling staff for determining height differences. With rechargeable battery and charger, and the option of operating the device with alkaline batteries.

Technical Data

Self-levelling range± 3°
Accuracy± 1,5 mm / 10 m
Working range without receiver Ø30 m*
Working range with receiver Ø400 m
Rotating speed (rpm)200, 400, 600
Power supply NiMH
Operating time20 h
Dust/water protection IP 54
Laser diode / class635 nm / 2
Temperature range-10°C to +45°C
Weight (instrument with battery)1,5 kg
* depending on room illumination


  • Instant self-levelling
  • Horizontal self-levelling rotating laser; vertical levelling with one footscrew
  • Automatic shut-off and audible alarm when out of self-levelling range
  • Variable rotating speed
  • Permanent 90° beam to zenith
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries with intelligent charger
  • Integrated floor/wall mount with adjustment screw

Supplied with

Articel-No. D1105
  • Receiver EL 702 with clamp for levelling staff
  • NiMH batteries and intelligent charger
  • Height adjustable wallmount with adjustable range of 21 cm
  • Lightweight elevating tripod, working range 0,55 - 1,58 m
  • Telescopic levelling staff, 5 sections, working range 0,67 - 2,45 m
  • Magnetic target
  • Laser intensive glasses
  • Hard case


Cuts a fine line and not just horizontally.

The new EL 515 Plus automatic rotating laser is the perfect instrument for alignment, levelling and measuring tasks. If you install suspended ceilings, dry walling or transfer levels the instant self levelling, high visibility laser beam and option of three rotation speeds ensure quick and accurate results. No matter what project you tackle - the EL 515 Plus is ideal instrument to master them all.
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