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EL 503

Manual rotating laser

Highs and lows.

For you, it's just a question of levelling. With this rotating laser you can carry out indoor horizontal and vertical measurements precisely and quickly. And quickly forget how different it once was.

Technical Data

Accuracy± 3 mm / 10 m
Rotating speed rpm0 – 500
Working range without receiver Ø 20 m*
Laser class / Wave length2 / 650 nm
Temperature range-10 °C – +45 °C
Power supply4 x AAA Alkaline battery
Operating time 12 h
Weight (instrument only)0,55 kg
Size (instrument only)120 x 120 x 150 mm
* depending on room illumination


  • For horizontal and vertical measurements
  • Easy setting with footscrews
  • Laser point mode

Supplied with

Articel-No. D1050
  • Elevating tripod
  • Laser glasses
  • Set of batteries
  • Carrying case


Horizontal and Vertical

The EL 503 manual rotating laser allows you to perform indoor measurements and alignment tasks precisely and efficiently. Cost effective, easy to set-up and easy-to-use.
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