EcoDist Pro

Laser distance meter

Impressive and easy to use.

With professional features. Small and handy, with millimeter precision for distance measurements. Perfect for area and volume calculations. With continuous measurement function e.g. for staking out and indirect height measurement option (Pythagoras function).

EcoDist Pro® is beyond compare and represents the absolute peak of technical development. As well as the extended Pythagoras function, the instrument also offers - among other things - an ideal range for classic interior finishing.

Technical Data

Distancetyp. 40 m
Distance with target plate 50 m
Accuracy± 2,0 mm
Dust / water protectionIP 40
Weight110 g
Laser class2


  • Minimum / maximum
  • Plus / minus
  • Area / volumes
  • Permanent measurement
  • Pythagoras functions
  • Reference front / rear
  • mm, ft, inch

Supplied with

Articel-No. D1760
  • Holster
  • Batteries
Range and accuracy test according to DIN ISO 16331-1


It's not just about the size but how you use it.

The EcoDist Pro is a compact easy-to-use laser distance meter using the latest cutting-edge technology to ensure quick, reliable and precise measurements. Professional functions make it perfect for area and volume calculations, staking-out using continuous measurement and height measurement using the Pythagoras function.
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