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  • It's not just about the size but how you use it.

    The EcoDist Pro is a compact easy-to-use laser distance meter using the latest cutting-edge technology to ensure quick, reliable and precise measurements. Professional functions make it perfect for area and volume calculations, staking-out using continuous measurement and height measurement using the Pythagoras function.

  • Horizontal and Vertical

    The EL 503 manual rotating laser allows you to perform indoor measurements and alignment tasks precisely and efficiently. Cost effective, easy to set-up and easy-to-use.

  • Cuts a fine line and not just horizontally.

    The new EL 515 Plus automatic rotating laser is the perfect instrument for alignment, levelling and measuring tasks. If you install suspended ceilings, dry walling or transfer levels the instant self levelling, high visibility laser beam and option of three rotation speeds ensure quick and accurate results. No matter what project you tackle - the EL 515 Plus is ideal instrument to master them all.

  • Every tool box should have one!

    The EL 609 cross line laser ensures that problems with alignment of wall tiles or setting-out for drilling holes is a thing of the past. Regardless of the measuring task - the result will convince you - all along the line.

  • The versatile all-rounder

    His versatility is irreplaceble. The EL 639 multi line laser doesn't only offer a high visibility, it also comes with a plumb-down beam. This and many other features make it a reliable partner for interior construction.

  • Blows the competition out of the water.

    The EL 821 a precise electronic slope measurer for measuring gradients, slope and levels. A robust construction, built-in laser beam to extend the working range and a large clear LCD display make it reliable, precise and easy-to-use.

  • Raise the bar a little higher.

    In terms of precision we raised the bar quite high, with the new ELN 24 automatic levelling set we raised it even higher. The set consisting of the ELN 24 optical level, aluminium tripod and levelling staff are easy to use, reliable and robust.


Product video EL 821

Precision that moves.

Ecoline measuring tools are developed with the professional DIYer in mind. To convince you of the precision, efficiency and ease-of-use of the Ecoline range we are pleased to introduced our electronic slope measurer. This way you can see our Ecoline products in action.

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